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News:Heat, Disperse! CoolIT Liquid Technology Now Available for Your iStarUSA Chassis

Your system's working hard, the heat's building up, and the fans are spinning. It seems like more of your power is going toward getting rid of heat than toward actual operations with limited performance. With today's industries requiring more and more high-powered processors, new technology is needed to handle high levels of heat and intense performance demands. iStarUSA now offers a solution.

iStarUSA has teamed up with CoolIT Systems to offer leading-edge liquid cooling technology in the most popular iStarUSA chassis. CoolIT’s maintenance free liquid cooling systems move thermal energy much more efficiently than air solutions do. CoolIT's direct contact liquid cooling technology transfers computer component heat more effectively by using patented copper split-flow micro-channel cold plates and low profile pump design. The CPU heat is transferred directly into the liquid and moved to the high-efficiency radiator where a fan cools things down.

Liquid cooling has proven itself to be the standard in high performance desktop computing and that same performance is now available to the high performance computing server. This adds up to great value for system integrators. Through the increased ability to effectively dissipate heat, this chassis platform can accommodate much higher compute density and deliver the performance that the market needs.

Starting immediately, bundled solutions are available for iStarUSA's D-200, D-300, and D-400 chassis, and more of our chassis are being tested for compatibility. Now, you can rely on a validated high performance Chassis/Thermal solution to support any AMD or Intel platform.

Installing the combined system is simple. Included in every product bundle is a chassis, CoolIT’s closed-loop maintenance free liquid cooling system and all necessary hardware for mounting to any AMD or Intel processor. Keep a look-out on our website for upcoming co-promotions of iStarUSA and CoolIT products, as well as information on how CoolIT's solutions fit into your iStarUSA chassis!

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